District IV

    To endorse or not to endorse – that is the question!

    Two Commissioners will be elected on Tuesday to round out the Fort Lauderdale City Commission for the next three years.

    The remaining races are in District I, where I’ve heartily endorsed the incumbent, Bruce Roberts, and District IV, which gives me heartburn!

                                           Scott                                     Rogers

      Now, I don’t think my endorsement is any big deal (at least not in District IV), but some of you loyal readers have been tweaking me, nudging me, daring me, questioning why I haven’t endorsed in the District IV race. 

      And one of you just questioned my political courage, and you know I can’t let that stand!

                               So here goes

     Romney Rogers is a gentle man. He (and his family) are important people in the District. He is a leader in his church. He is a solid team player for Mayor Seiler and the current Commission. He is analytical, often delves down into the weeds in issues. He has impeccable manners – (his parents should be proud!)

     But Rogers lacks passion. He appears to think all is good in the City, and where he lives and works, that’s probably about right. Therefore, Rogers hasn’t initiated much in the way of improvements in his first term.
     There is still no Riverwalk connection at the Stranahan House, the Riverfront is still dead, and the Bryan Homes (River House, Chart House) is dark.

      He hasn’t been successful in dealing with the homeless/vagrants that torture the downtown (his district), and to make those matters worse, he continues to try and relocate them up near my house !

     Jackie Scott is Roger’s opposite. Unlike the reserved Romney, Scott is outspoken and direct. Scott doesn’t like the term, but most that know her and have dealt with her refer to her as a bulldog.

     Scott has a long active history of civic accomplishments. She served as President of the Council of Civic Associations and has fought many battles for her neighborhood of Coolee Hammock. Scott has also been involved in numerous citywide efforts, historic preservation and the like. She generally accomplishes what she sets out to.

     But Scott is unpredictable. It’s often unclear if she is a proponent of redevelopment, or the leader of the slow growth movements.

     Scott can be sharp, pushy, lacking in the good manners that her opponent Rogers so excels in.


     So, in regards to my endorsement in the District IV race on Tuesday – 

                                 you’re on your own !



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