District II …. Rumor Mill

     Today is Commissioner Charlotte Rodstroms’ last day in office  …………..
 until at least January 15, 2013.

     Rodstroms’ resignation to run for the County Commission seat that she lost in August takes effect today. At midnight, Rodstrom, and her husband John, are both just ordinary citizens, for the first time in over thirty years.

     But Charlotte Rodstrom is also a candidate to retake her seat that she vacates today, the primary scheduled for January 15th, 2013.

       Follow me now .… 

     Rodstroms’ current Administrative Aide Scott Wyman, is staying in his job after Rodstrom leaves office today, and that makes some of Rodstrom’s competitors for the open Commission seat nervous.


     A rumor is floating around that Wyman is out campaigning with Rodstrom.

    The rumor has it that Wyman is touring Rodstrom through the gay bars in town to solicit support for Rodstrom. (District II has a large gay population and Wyman is gay). Dean Trantalis, a gay rights advocate, is also in the race for the seat, and will probably command much of the gay vote.

     Wyman says the rumor about the bar tours is false.

     He says he did campaign for his boss during the County Commission race, was at an event at the Alibi”, a gay restaurant and bar in Wilton Manors, was paid “about $700” for his work during that campaign, but is staying way clear of any politics in this City race. Wyman says Rodstrom is his boss until midnight, but after that, she will have no more clout then any other resident of District II in his office.  

       Mayor Jack Seiler confirmed today


that Wymans’ position will not have any connections with Rodstrom from midnight on.

     He says all e-mails sent to either Wyman or Rodstrom will be funneled through his office to make sure everything stays ligit. He says the recording on Wyman’s voice mail message “you’ve reached Scott Wyman, aide to Vice-Mayor Rodstrom…” will be removed by tomorrow and a new, “you’ve reached the office of District II” message will take it’s place…

      Wyman says that all personal possessions of Rodstrom have been removed from the District II City Hall office.

       And lastly …  the rumor that former beach Vice President Lester Zalewski


is now in the race is a good rumor. He’s in, with a healthy $10,000 he’s lent his campaign. Zalewski ran in the last District II race, coming in third. If you want to know what he stands for, here’s a link on a story I did on him then –


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