The neighborhood association was dwindling. Down to its last few paying members, (the neighborhood treasurer even refused to publish the paltry list) – something had to be done!

     So, the new Middle River Terrace leaders got a bright idea – let’s fool the suckers !

              Here is the letter they sent to all the residents –


       The envelope said it came from “Concerned Citizens of Middle River Terrace” and warned its receiver to ……


     Well hell yes everyone opened it! . What was going on? Was the City secretly putting a waste dump in the hood? ….burying more arsenic? … placing another  Homeless Shelter on Dixie?


       ….. Nope, when you opened it, it was a standard plea for membership. Please send in  $25.

                                                   Shame on MRTNA ………..

8 Replies to “Desperation”

  1. Yes Tim, I got the letter too, and was worried something was wrong before I opened it.
    What really befuddled me was the request for $100 from business’s( which only buys one vote for neighborhood issues), when the BOD removed itself from the 13th street Alliance, which serves the majority of businesses in the neighborhood…
    Another disturbing fact is that the neighborhood representatives have tried to sideline progress to the area, ie, the 13th street improvements, which feature bikelanes, and onstreet parking, which will make the struggling businesses there more accessible, the CRA , which will pump money into the neighborhood north of Dixie, and increase property values, and the railway station on NE 13th street.

    As elections are coming for new leaders for the neighborhood,I would strongly suggest that neighbors here nominate someone that will embrace the much needed, and long awaited improvements our community deserves

  2. What could be worse than SMRCA president sending a recent email to city manager and sustainable development manager asking them to threaten the jobs of staff and planning and zoning people to vote against proposed townhouse development on 17 street? Many residents are totally fed up and embarrassed that a civic association leader would stoop so low.

  3. That is not right. It is deceit. Can the City take away their charter or something? I thought that was your neighborhood Tim. Can you go back in and make things right again?

  4. I am so sick of so called leaders that are taking the titles for self-serving reasons, rather than helping the community they supposedly represent,and in MRT case, they are actually trying to hinder progress, unless of course it is their own agenda they are trying to push. People that have ideas other than what’s proposed by the board are shunned.Maybe this is why only 6 or 8 people attend the meetings ( all board members)

  5. Anybody with any common sense would know if You pay $25 a year to belong to a homeowners association, you deserve the right to see an accounting of how your money is spent. If they do not provide this to you as a member and you are content with that. I would like to be a financial-advisor.

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  6. I am a neighborhood activist that sits on a few boards,and attend meetings pertaining to anything related to the area surrounding Ne 13th street, and I gotta tell ya,that woman who thinks she’s still president of MRT is misguided to say the least.Doesn’t she realize that she is supposed to do all she can to SUPPORT the neighborhood, not fight any new idea that is presented? In all of my years of volunteering, I have never have seen anything like that!
    I am also a member of Nextdoor, and apparently the one thing she does support is the Dixie highway redo- let me guess- it was her idea?!! When you read her posts, it is so all about how wonderful she is, and how much she’s done, blah blah blah- if you didn’t know it, you would think …..  “better watch out Dean!

  7. yea, that MRT bunch- you have to drink the cresenko kool aid in order to be a part of that group- they’re all afraid of her- even the Comisioner is- I can’t believe any of them at city hall give her any credability

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