Commissioner’s DNA “on file” ?

     If you haven’t been the victim of a crime as of late, consider yourself lucky.

     And if you have been the victim of a crime, this year, you might remember this!


     Apparently, the Fort Lauderdale Police now routinely take the victim’s  DNA at a crime scene.

                        current and former Fort Lauderdale Chiefs

     That happened a month ago to Spirit Airline’s pilot Tim Helms, when a burglar broke into his screened back porch and stole tools and his lawn mower.

     When the Cops arrived, they took Helm’s DNA. Though the Police Officer got Helm’s written permission for his DNA sample, Helms was still taken aback. Helms called me and asked – “what’s up with that, Tim?”

     Turns out the Police are taking an “exclusion sample” to rule out the homeowners’ DNA from a possible suspect’s. Helms didn’t remember the explanation, but seemed somewhat relieved when told.

     And last week, Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom was also swabbed, when her car was broken into in her driveway overnight.

     Rodstrom says she also found the procedure “odd” and plans on asking some questions about the new procedure at the next Commission meeting like …..   “is my DNA on file?”

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