Commissioner Musical Chairs

     Time’s almost up for the rearranging of the Fort Lauderdale political districts, and the City Commission is asking if anyone has any bright ideas on how to do it, to let them know. I have one, and yes, the jury’s still out if it’s bright or not!

     You see, the Commissioners’ constituent numbers have gone out of whack. Every ten years when the country does the census, they have to see if the political districts have nearly the same amount of people in them – and Fort Lauderdale’s don’t .

      early census taking

     If the Districts were all exactly equal, each of the four would have 41,386 people, but they’re only required to be close! 

     Currently, Commissioner Rogers has the most people with 44,437, and Commissioner Rodstrom has the least with 38,261. Commissioner Roberts is light with 39,826, and Commissioner Dubose is heavy with 43,019.

      the light ones

Balancing the Districts is very tricky. Districts must be contiguous, breaking up neighborhoods is a no-no, and people don’t usually like to lose their Commissioner they’ve gotten used to.

     Here’s an idea to contemplate – 

 Rogers has to give up the most people. If he gives up the portion of the beach he represents, the South Beach neighborhoods of Harbor Beach, Harbour Inlet, Breakwater Surf, and Harbor Isles ( precincts 52 and 53), he’ll lose 2699 people and be down to a good total of 41,738.

     Those 2699 people go to Rodstrom, which will effectively make her the “beach Commissioner” ( though Roberts still keeps the Galt). Some say it’s important to keep three Commissioners representing the beach, but I disagree.

     Rodstrom then would shed the three areas she currently has that are east of Federal Highway, north of Sunrise, Bal Harbor, Laudergate Isles and the East Point Towers Condos ( precincts 24 and 25) and gives them to Roberts.

     That leaves Rodstrom with 43,100 and Roberts with 40,379. Dubose neither gives up anyone or gains anyone and stays at his current 43,019.

     Like I said, Commissioner Musical Chairs ! 


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