Commissioner Hutchinson..Republican or Democrat ?

The following listing from the Broward Republican website, ( ..dated today), was sent to Tim Smith’s Fort Lauderdale with this question: ……..

     Yo Tim,…. why is Cindi Hutchinson’s name still listed as a local Republican Elected Official in the Republican’s website, when I read month’s ago that she has switched back to the Democrat Party that she was initially a member of ?…..   I figure that ‘s a fair question ! …Cindi, will you respond?….. 

                               Republican Party  of Broward County


                         County & Municipal Elected Officials
                                     Fort Lauderdale
                                    100 North Andrews Avenue
                                   Fort Lauderdale Florida 33301
                                    Tel: 954-828 5000
                                    Fax: 954-828-5667

                           Commissioner Christine Teel,
                           Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson,

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