Commissioner Dubose … Fix Up That Wall !

       It’s known as the “Junkyard Wall”.


        It’s located at Sunrise Boulevard and Interstate 95, an important gateway to our City. 

      It’s in Commissioner Bobby Dubose’s political district, and was artistically painted about a decade ago by some 200 volunteers, one of the first projects of the City’s Citizen Volunteer Corps.

                                                     Commissioner Dubose at his desk at City Hall

    The sprawling mural, some 300 feet long and 10 feet high, has a mixed  ‘tropical and under the sea’ theme.


     The painting  took place on a Saturday, and was a fun community-wide effort, and of course one volunteer made sure to put their own particular “signature” on it. 

                                                                                get it ?
      But unfortunately, more and more areas in the mural are looking like this….


     So,  it’s time for a new effort. …… Let’s clear the canvas, Commissioner Dubose, let’s get ‘er done!

     Since it’s our City’s 100th birthday, just a year from now, here’s one idea to chew on. 

     A Happy Centennial Birthday theme – we have had quite an interesting 100 years, and I bet we could come up with one interesting mural!

     The volunteers will be there for you. Here’s a stunt I used to get the 200 volunteers signed up last time around…

                                     Smith wouldn’t come down until 200 people signed up to help!

      Commissioner Dubose …. let me know when to bring the ladder over !

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