Commissioner Carlton Moore’s Replacement?

                               Meet Bobby DuBose

                                                  Bobby eating with Tim at Betty’s Soul Food
                                                    Restaurant on Sistrunk at N.W. 22 Road
        I met up with Bobby for breakfast recently. I wanted to find out for myself why there is a growing buzz surrounding his candidacy to replace Carlton Moore on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. Moore is term limited and running for a County Commission spot currently held by John Rodstrom.

     I came away thinking that there are good reasons for the buzz! I was impressed.

     First off, DuBose, 37, is easy to meet. He seems well grounded and comfortable in his own skin. He is self-employed as an insurance adjuster, and he points to his self- employment as a bonus ( it gives him the flexibility he’ll need to serve as a City Commissioner). He is married, and has a three year-old son (who he says is “going on seventeen”). He didn’t miss a beat when questioned on the issues facing the District and the City, and wasn’t afraid to admit that he didn’t know enough about an issue to comment. 

     DuBose’s civic background seems a bit limited, although he was a leader in the local branch of the NAACP, served on the City’s Marine Advisory Board, and has been active as a member of his Dorsey Riverbend neighborhood.

     His supporters make quite an impressive list. The support runs from Congressman Alcee Hastings, former State Representative Chris Smith, Representative Perry Thurston and  Representative Ari Porth, to Art Kennedy and Margaret Birch and a host of other well known names in the area.
      Also, in what could be a more telling show of support, the well known Downtown Lawfirm of Blosser & Sayfie  has scheduled a fundraiser for him at their Las Olas office.  Commissioner Carlton Moore is NOT on the list, but DuBose says that is due to Moore’s focus on his difficult race for the County Commission.

   Here is an array of issues with Bobby’s answers:

     TWO-LANING SISTRUNK BOULEVARD – DuBose says he is OK with the compromise making the road three lanes, as he felt it was more important to “get something done” than fight to the death for the two lanes.

     N.W. 7th AVENUE – SISTRUNK REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT – DuBose says that issue is a ‘hot one”, and feels that the “will of the people is not being addressed”, particularly in reference to the community’s insistence on a “decent” grocery store. Expect DuBose to revisit that issue if he is elected.

     POLICE ISSUES – DuBose says the community’s relationship with the Police “needs alot of work”, and that there is a “disconnect”. He says he will work hard to “bring the sides together”. He says that crime in the District is a “HUGE” concern of his, (he ‘s a skeptic of the City’s claim that there’s been less crime in the area), and says that he will organize more anti-crime walks in the community. He feels that there are “two sides” to the Police Contract dilemma, and that he would need more facts to know how it should be solved.

     CITY MANAGER Gretsas – He says that the “verdict is still out,” and that he has heard mixed reviews and wants to wait and judge the Manager’s performance for himself.

     GROWTH – DuBose is a proponent of Redevelopment, “especially in District III”. He says that we can’t be an “old dinosaur”. He points to a healthy tourism industry as a reason to continue to redevelop the beach and the downtown. 

     MAYOR Naugle’s GAY BASHING – does not agree with the Mayor on his position on the city’s gay population. 

      There are two other candidates who have filed to run for the District III seat, but neither one could be reached despite repeated attempts.

     One thing is for sure. DuBose will have some mighty big shoes to fill when Moore retires after 20 years representing District III. I’m suggesting a new gym membership and some training in boxing!

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