City Elections in Just Days

                     Dateline : Feb. 2018


…… In what will most certainly be called the most unusual election in Fort Lauderdale history, Tuesday’s votes will elect a new Mayor, three brand new Commissioners, and, for the first time, elect nobody to represent the wealthiest district – District I ……



Jack Seiler, after serving three terms as Mayor, and being term limited, is running for Governor, islocked in a tough race with Republican Adam Putnam …. Seiler changed his party affiliation to Independent, which is what he used to be before becoming a Democrat .

… Most pundits say that move might have given him a chance in the conservative northern part of Florida  …


…. All of the sitting Commissioners are vying for the open Mayor’s post…

… – Commissioners Roberts and Rogers, both term limited, Trantalis, who says he is not term limited as he only served a partial first term to replace Charlotte Elizabeth Rodstrom ( who used to be just Charlotte Rodstrom) , but decided to run for Mayor anyhow, and Commissioner Mckinzie ( who would have guessed ?)

…. Rounding out the mayoral field is Chris Brennan, who gained infamy last year when he chained himself to bulldozer that was about to take down the giant Rain Tree…..



Brennan pictured above – before chaining himself to the tree  … After a short stint in Broward General, he says he is doing just fine ….


….. But the craziest news is in District I, which is the northern part of the City – Oakland Park Boulevard north …. the folks in that District have always had limited interest in running for Commissioner – saying things like ” everything’s real good up here, why bother”.

…. So with no candidates emerging, the Commission took an unusual step…. They made up a candidate, just so the Florida law would be followed !




…. He will be listed as Mr. Nobody !


… In District II, the candidates are –


Earl Rynerson, who lost so many Mayoral races, no one can remember, is going to try for  Commissioner this time !



… Well respected marine industry guy Frank Herhold, who might be in the lead,



… Steve Glassman, a sharp cookie, who ran unsuccessfully in 2003, shown here miming that his is to the left of the other candidates…. and,



……..Rodstrom … no one is sure if it is former Commissioner Charlotte Elizabeth, or former County Commissioner John who is running, because they filed with just the one name Rodstrom  …


….In District III, you have



Bernadette Norris Weeks …. and

former Commissioner Bobby Dubose, who quit his State House seat, saying no one knew he was actually in Tallahassee anyhow !


..  last but not least, District IV



…. Poker magnate Jackie Scott, who won one million dollars in Vegas, and was not seen for two years, before coming home and declaring her candidacy –



Marilyn Mammano, long time head of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations   …. and



Cindi Hutchinson, former Commissioner – I’ll say no more … and




  …..  Sturdy civic activist Steve Buckingham ( this is not his picture, but I like him, couldn’t find a picture of him,  and thought he deserved an image !)

…… If this all boggles your mind, refer back to the Dateline at the top of the post !


thanks, Tim







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  1. These matters of politics are so important to the welfare of the City, going forward, that they don’t need snide humor, which I regard much of your commentary to be, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT. QUIT IT! Put forward your leadership as you have done in the past. It helped the City then, and it will surely help the City in the furture. Humor has its place; it is just not in the bowels of the City’s politics, at this critical time.


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