Citizens Plan Police and Fire Blow-Out

     All the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men might not be able to mend the fences and cure the bad blood between the Cops and the City, but the Citizens of Fort Lauderdale think THEY can !  …


 That’s why the Citizens are throwing a party. A big blow-out, a Shin-Dig you won’t want to miss! It’s being organized by the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations.

     Ever wanted to watch the Cops raid a Crack House and tackle the bad guys, or stand by as the FireFighters save an accident victim trapped in their smashed and smoldering car.
     You’ll be able to at this creative celebration.

      Do you think that recognizing the Cops and FireFighters that put their lives on the line daily is something you could be part of? ……….  then read on …… 

     You’ll remember that the City and the Public Safety Unions recently finished a bruising year-long battle over pay and benefits. It got ugly, real ugly. It’s unclear whether the Unions or the City eventually won. 

     But one thing is clear. The Citizens could have been the losers.

     Morale in the rank and file was heavily damaged.

     It’s hard, if not impossible, to quantify what consequences poor morale might deliver. But in the case of Police and FireFighters, it could mean life or death, and the Citizens are not waiting for a study. They are throwing this party to let Police and Fire know they’re appreciated.

     So put this on your calendar.

               Police and FireFighter Recognition Night
                 … on National Night Out Against Crime …

               Tuesday,  August 5th ….  5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

              Holiday Park…….Fort Lauderdale, Florida   

And if that’s not enough, everyone gets fed for free! If you need more information, or want to help with this event, send an e-mail to the Event’s Chairperson (me!) at, or call me at 954-822-4727……..






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