Charlotte Rodstrom’s Car Burglarized !

     Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom is used to attending her arranged crime meetings she holds for her District constituents.  They are usually held on 13th street in a FLPD substation, to address crime in all parts of her District, (the highest crime rates are mostly in the neighborhoods that run along Sunrise Boulevard)…..

      But what Rodstrom is not used to addressing is crime in her own neighborhood, Nurmi Isles, (because there basically isn’t any!)

     And that means Rodstrom is not  used to addressing crime when it’s on Nurmi Isle, with her own car in her own driveway burglarized!

     But yesterday she had to address just that. Her car, a 2002 Suburban, with 150,000 miles on it, was busted into. She says they didn’t take any of her campaign materials that stocked the car, but did take her “driving eyeglasses and her prescription pills for headaches.” She said the burglars were probably sorely disappointed in the take.


     She said the Police took fingerprints and DNA samples.

     There was only 1 vehicle burglary reported in Nurmi Isles last year. By contrast, in Rodstrom’s largest neighborhood, South Middle River, there were 146.


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