Candidates at the Council!

     You can generally tell when the City Elections are nearing by attending the
    Fort Lauderdale Council of Civic Associations.


     Because the proportion of politicians (and wanna-be politicians) to regular attendees will increase ten-fold !

     The Council is a collection of neighborhoods and civic groups in the City. They meet monthly at City Hall, and are made up of mostly neighborhood Presidents and opinion-makers. They discuss the myriad of issues that affect the City. If you are running for office, you should be there !

     The Council has been around for about 30 years and currently boasts 51 memberships. Some years it’s been an very effective group that the Mayor, Commissioners, and City Managers take seriously. Sometimes not. When I was a City Commissioner, we often referred to them ( affectionately, of course) as the Council of Trouble Makers! 

     Here is their current leader, Genia Ellis. Ellis is probably more clued in than any citizen in Fort Lauderdale.  
      Ellis makes it her business to know what’s going on. She attends all City Commission meetings, serves on Boards, and runs the Citizen Volunteer Corps. Ellis has led the Council for about 5 years and is term limited out in a few months. Who her successor will be is still up in the air.

    Here’s a list of the candidates (and current officials) that showed up at the Council last night to see and be seen. 

                             District IV Candidate (Hutchinson’s district)
                             Coleman Prewitt with Adriane Reesey who 
                             ran unsuccessfully for Supervisor of Elections

                            District III Candidate (Moore’s former district)
                                              Bobby Dubose
                            District II Candidate (Rodstrom District)
                                             Howard Elfman

District II Candidate Steve Glassman 
with anti-development activist Shirley Smith

                          Mayoral Candidate and former City Commissioner
                                                       Dean Trantalis

Mayoral Candidate and former State Rep
                                            Jack Seiler

District III (newly appointed)
                               Commissioner Dr. Magdalene Lewis

                                       Mayor Jim Naugle *

*  photo taken after I asked Jim for an interview for this blog…. He said not just yet…. actually he said “don’t hold your breath” ! …. Come on Jim!

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