Big Vs. Itty Bitty

   Some years back, the City replaced all of its’ signature Cushman Jeep parking enforcement vehicles with Ford SUVs.


I wrote about that at the time, and was critical. The old Cushman Jeep types were small and cheap, and even cheaper to operate.

    The powers that-be disagreed, said the Cushmans were out of date, hard to repair, not fitting for a City of our standing!

     But look at what’s new ! ………….


     Yup ! There is a new sheriff in town, proverbially speaking –  (Feldman), the new Department is called Transportation and Mobility, and the new buzz word around City Hall is sustainability. 

 The City now owns 5 Smart Cars in the parking division.

     At about  $15,000, Smart Cars are about $5000 cheaper than the Fords, and get about a zillion miles to the gallon. The City still operates 8 Ford SUVS.


     The reviews on the new cars are as diverse as the fleet.

      Some parking employees don’t like the new Smart cars. They say they are too small and don’t hold enough gear. They say the $5000 in savings don’t make up for the operational difficulties.

      Others say the Smart Cars are the best thing since sliced bread.

      No word yet on what the new sheriff thinks! 

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