An Invitation

      You, are invited somewhere  interesting Friday night with free wine – Read On !

                  …..    There are some that think that all the historic properties in the City should be bulldozed as quick as possible – before they get in the way of some new development.


      Then there are some that think that if it’s 50 years old, or (older) it must be saved at all costs…

      Then there are the reasonable people that know that all great cities save their most important structures from their past. It’s you who are invited Friday for the free wine!


      The Broward Trust for Historic Preservation will be on site for the ModWeekend, where you can take the trolley and see some amazingly cool hotels and houses built during a great period of architecture. And, the Trust will be providing some great exhibits and some good cheap wine, (and priceless company!)


          This is one of the great pics from the Robin Hill collection of 1950’s architecture in the City that will be on display that night……

            See you at the AQUA Hotel – 3016 Windamar Street –  Suite 2104 ( on the beach) …..
                                         Friday night – 5 until 7

       If you can’t come and want to help save what important, historic structures are left  – become a member of the Trust by sending $35 to the ………..

     Broward Trust for Historic Preservation – PO Box 1060 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33302


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