3 Crime Bits

     Crime Bit # 1.)

     When foster kids turn 18 years old, they are summarily tossed from the foster kids program.

             The kids are often not ready to fend for themselves, and
there is a charitable organization
in Fort Lauderdale called Homes Inc. , that picks up the slack and houses them and trains them to mainstream into society.

     Yesterday, all of Homes Inc.’s Hurricane Shutters were stolen. All 50 of them!  They are distraught and ask anyone who has knowledge of who took them to call the Police. Also, if you can help Homes Inc. in any way, call Katherine Barry, the charities’ President, at 954-563-5454.

     Crime Bit #2.)

     We’ve been talking about the #1 in crime, per capita, neighborhood of Progresso lately. Well if the new President of the neighborhood, Brad Cohen, has his way, Progresso won’t lead the list for long.


     Last weekend, Progresso fought crime in a creative way – an anti -crime neighborhood picnic! Cohen says the event was a rousing success, city officials and police mixed and mingled, munched hamburgs, and registered residents’ bicycles.

     Cohen says we should recognize one of our finest, who spent all day at the picnic, playing football with the kids and talking safety, all on his day off!

Officer Fopiano

Crime Bit #3).

     The neighborhood of South Middle River is holding a rally on Friday Nov. 2, from 5:30 to 6:30, at Andrews and NW 15th Street.

                                                 South Middle River
They are rallying to demand  that the City pave the 14 street ends that have never been paved in their neighborhood. They say the unkempt, shadowy street butts are a haven for crime and criminals.



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