Rodstrom for Rodstrom


    Tomorrow, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission will convey some important recognitions on some worthy citizens. They will choose the Citizen of the Year, the Distinguished Citizen, Exemplary Former Employee,  and the Honored Founder.

         These are the winners from last year …


      The recipients are chosen from nominations sent in from the citizenry, and a Board (made up of former Mayors and a few other leading citizens) pick the winners.

      This year, a nomination for the Distinguished Citizen came in for John Rodstrom – from his wife – the famous Charlotte Rodstrom!

      He didn’t win.

     Personally, I think John deserves some sort of recognition from us. He served the public  (albeit being well paid) for something like 30 years.

     Hell, I’ll go as far as saying that it might be time to recognize Jim Naugle for his years of service to the City ( at least his early years).

                        What do you think?

5 Replies to “Rodstrom for Rodstrom”

  1. The financial wisdom and prudence (most of the time) by John Rodstrom for the city will never be appreciated or acknowledged. He spoke at fll cc on several occassions against the $340,000,000.00 twenty year police and fire pension bond deal, and was sumamrily dismissed by the 3 who voted yes. the debt service will cripple the city while hamstringing tax payers for the general employee pensions
    I’ll check back in 4 years

  2. Why not name last year’s winners? You know, sorta like a caption for the photo? And maybe who nominated them?

    Or, are they forgotten, except for the picture? If that’s the case, why not nominate John — he’ll just be forgotten by next year!

  3. I agree with you know who- Myself, and a few of my friends have nominated you on different occaisions, yet you’ve never been picked, and have done a hell of alot more for the community for many years than previous winners- makes me wonder who decideds the winner?

  4. I thought is was great Charlotte nominated her husband. Do even better Char. Petion the City to give your husband a “proclamation” for his many years of service. This couple I have grown very fond of. They are good people. How many of you out there have benefited from the Rodstroms. I rest my case…..

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