Miracle on 13th Street

      A big Christmas shindig took place on the Sunday before Christmas.

      It’s now a tradition for the neighborhoods that run along 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale to hold a fun party. The idea is to  reward the area kids that are doing real well in school, (despite living in challenging conditions), with great gifts, food and merriment!

     The area schools each pick 25 kids that fit the bill and every year the kids can’t wait!


        They play fun games   ………


      Eat eat eat! …


       They meet the Mayor  


       Get entertained ….


      …even by the area Commissioner !

        But the real fun comes when Santa arrives with their gifts !


        Santa starts with the little ones  …


       …. then moves on the the bigger kids  …


          …. but when they get too big  …..


6 Replies to “Miracle on 13th Street”

  1. Frank- Why not have a positive response to these posts for once? I always thought it was a good thing to reward good behavior, therefore creating an incentive for others to do the right thing…..

  2. Oh there must be an election year rolling around. Jack is showing up at community events. You can bet he will go back into hiding right after the election.

  3. Is that Comm.Trantalis w/ lou-oww on. To bad your wearing pants there Dino we could have seen what all the fuss is about. Boy did he get a pass @ that podium last month. He knows who to thank. Oh the calls the day after I called it. You whimp Robert. You choked Robert. To what happened(ring, ring happened). Anyways I hope you had a good Christmas everyone. I had some bubbly, some good Hydro weed and surf/turf. Can’t ask for anything better than that. Tell you one thing next year better be easier than this past one. I made it. Like anyone of you would think I wouldn’t make it. Refuse to lose…….

  4. I don’t think this is a fair comment. I try to attend many neighborhood and city events. I attended this one in MRT. I see Mayor Seiler at just about every event. I know he sometimes goes from one event to the other if more than one event is scheduled for the same date and time. I feel he does a good job at attending various neighborhood events.

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