Juvenile Delinquency

      Caution:  This post might make you scream!


      We have been talking a lot this year about crime and juvenile delinquency.

      And you might remember that burglary in my neighborhood, Middle River Terrace, is way up. And you might even remember that one of the oldest houses in the City, the Annie Beck House (1914), located in Middle River Terrace Park, has been vandalized by juveniles on multiple occasions.

                                Here comes the screaming part ….. read on

     I was disappointed that the Police and the City weren’t doing more to stop the continuing and costly damage to the Center, until I got a call from a Police Sergeant yesterday. She told me that the Police hadn’t shared with us that they had placed security cameras nearby, trained on the Annie Beck House, to catch those throwing the rocks through the windows, marking the House up with graffiti etc….  ..


       And when I went to the park to see for myself, I  saw that a Police Officer was actually  there, doing some paperwork, keeping watch over the scene.


     So why would you scream? …. The Sergeant said that there was a problem with the $500 worth of security cameras that were installed to catch the delinquents –

                          ….  they had all been stolen !!!





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  1. This is very sad and unacceptable.
    But as usual with taxpayer money
    that means more where it came from so expect no response from your electeds

    just wondering – why is all glazing not IMPACT RESISTANT ?

  2. well tim, someone in the comments is always telling you to give up and move away from that ‘hood…….
    maybe it’s time…….or it might take someone catching a burglar in their home and chopping him/her into little bloody pieces with an ax!!!!

  3. You are right, I am screaming. Although, as I was reading your post, I thought you were going to say they stole the Wall Plaque.

  4. How do the cameras work? Are they hooked up to a recording device something like what cable does? Is there a tape of the criminals stealing the cameras?

  5. I’m not surprised. Why are you not surprised? On another note, I have an observation if anyone is interested. I just drove through downtown and after having interviewed some of the homeless, I found the homeless are: Mentally Ill, Alcoholic, have a felony or have lost their I.D.’s and therefore unable to get a job. My conclusion is for local governments to make it easier and for no fee for I.D.’s to be quickly issued in one downtown location. We must stop issuing frivolous felony convictions because they are making these people unemployable because no one will hire someone with a felony. We need to round up the alcoholic’s and offer them time in jail for public intoxication or being sent to a detox center for rehabilitation. Lastly, We need more places like Hendersen for the mentally ill. It is nearly impossible to place anyone in Hendersen without a fight.

  6. Having cameras is very nice. Preventing delinquency is even better. How can citizens like you and I prevent delinquency where we live, that is a hard question. Carmen Smith

  7. Hey the anointed one Chief Franklin Adderley was elected to be the president of Broward chief’s of police, Hooray hooray Frank is getting his arse patted while Rome is burning, Capt Rick Maglione is busy monitoring the law enforcement sites for people slamming Ricky, hey little Ricky quit being such a baby do your job. Start picketing at the police station.

  8. Happy 2014 to one and all.

    The answer to the problem, is find a user that will occupy the house 12hr a day and proved security for the other 12hr.
    Delinquency is curtailed by options.
    Expand the park and add activities for the young.

  9. Judging by some of the comments ,so its all Chief Adderley fought ,along w/ Captain Maglione’ fault. I mean come on. They stole the cameras so now you fight fire w/ fire. You have patrol-men patrol the area. You take other cops where crime is not that prevalent and you wait and see the out come. To blame the Chief and his Captain is absurd. I would like to see what Mayor Seiler has to say about all this crime Tim???

  10. The last time I checked it is Frank Adderley that is the chief, it is his responsibility to ensure the peace, safety, security and tranquility of the city not the mayors, if Adderley is not addressing these responsibilities he should be fired. There is no reason to have to pay overtime to address such a spike in crime if Fort Lauderdale police officers cannot solve this look at the leadership and lazy incompetent officers and clean house. Seilers job is not to run the police department, what kind of medication are you on.

    P.S. You look real silly in your cheerleader skirt.

  11. tim,
    do you really think the kids are doing this? maybe they are. it’s a shame that in the is day and age you really can’t have anything nice. i always hear about how 13th street is getting grants and how the 13th street alliance is ‘doing’ things. well let me say that many of the students coming home from sunrise middle school have some issues with nice things……the guy who is fixing up the warehouses on 13th street east of the FEC tracks on the north side has been doing a nice job there. his landscaper planted some very nice bushes along the property near the sidewalk. they looked good for a day or two. then i started noticing they were being trampled and kicked leaving branches flat on the ground…..the guy who owns the property also installed expensive impact windows in most of the openings only to have kids break them with rocks. almost all the windows on the FEC track side are shattered. makes someone NOT want to fix up buildings on ne 13th street.
    earlier in 2013 a couple of guys took it upon themselves to plant dusty rhodes bushes along 13th street between the sidewalk and the street. nice gray bushes that would have become a nice addition to the wonderful 13th street corridor…..unfortunately those damn sunrise middle school kids trampled and broke them. PLUS the jackasses at wool plumbing have cut down any that were on there properties while hardly maintaining their crappy piece of property!!!!!
    i’m really just venting….these kids want nothing to do with the future at this time in their lives.

  12. astute comment-
    and very sad but true and not just in MRT
    you are correct that many young, and old, are spiteful, resentful and downright malicious in ongoing efforts to ruin, deface or destroy a positive effort by others
    to do this to landscaping indicates that there is no respect for the environment and nature
    I’ll check back in two years and see if there is just more of the same, nothing decent left, or worse
    for an owner to spend money for a patch of flowers, a hedge or shade trees, only to have them killed is unacceptable
    wait till you get that two million dollar grant to pretty up the street with pavers and shrubs
    your locals will destroy all within 6 months

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