I See Irony

     ….. This car was just in front of me at the McDonalds drive thru,  on N. Federal  …


        The Florida specialty tag reads …. ‘helping sea turtles survive” ….

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  1. Hey Einstein- The irony is the vehicle is a gas guzzling suv on steroids- seems to me that those that drive such vehicles don’t care too much about the environment……….

  2. If you have this tag, you should have to remove the light that illuminates your tag to protect the turtles!

  3. Listen to me if you will. These hummers are a joke. I think they get about 2 miles per gallon. It is time to send them to the scrap yard, and if you want to save the turtles, so be it.

  4. I see your turtle Hummer and raise you one gold Hummer, spotted at Thasos. Only in Fort Lauderdale…..


  5. Tim did you happen to see what Year the hummer was? Perhaps in this Economically depressed enviornment the hummer is paid for and the owner doesnt feel financially secure enough to embark on one of those “electric cars” the government is now taxing buyers on. Or perhaps it may be a transport vehicle that (many)of the larger Hotels use for the tourist that subsidize those many aspects “locals” utilize like the Fort Lauderdale Police department who does such an exemplary job in protecting the Middle river residents.
    umm ..and considering that TAG is more than the standard issued Florida Tag, and more everytime the owner renews it? I would say the owner of the Hummer put more money in actually protecting the “sea turtles” than the above posters have. Hey you know me “Devil’s advocate” all the way.

    Sea Turtle Grant Program Awards $310,000 to Support Florida Research, Conservation and Education
    The Sea Turtle Grants Program, funded by the sale of Florida’s Helping Sea Turtles Survive specialty license plate, awarded $311,892.80 to 13 different organizations, scientists and local governments for sea turtle research, education and conservation programs benefiting Florida sea turtles.

  6. Tim, I always forward your emails to some of my friends here in Ft Lauderdale. I just received a comment from one of my friends concerning a previous email of yours outlining the crime in your neighborhood. My friend suggested that maybe you should consider hiring George Zimmerman to help protect your neighborhood. Pretty funny I thought.

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