Good Kids Deserve a Good Christmas!

     You are probably out right now buying gifts!


     Would you be willing to
buy an additional gift, when you’re at the mall, online, or at the Flea
Market, for our Fort Lauderdale kids that really earned ’em ( and might not get them).

                                    Here’s the deal

     The 13th Street Alliance, a group of multiple neighborhoods and businesses just north of Sunrise Boulevard,  has teamed up with the famous Christmas Palace ( at 800 NE 13th Street), to bring some joy to deserving kids, just like we did last year.


                                      the wonderful Christmas Palace


     The group has met again this year with area elementary and middle school officials to collect the names of kids who are doing real good in school but come from modest homes.

                                           Here’s exactly what to do to participate

       Buy ….a really cool gift for a boy or girl, aged 5 -years old to 14 -years old. Put a note on the gift saying what age kid you think should get it …… for example…..

                    [  boy – 8-10 years old – or – girl – 5 years old  ]

   ….  (also put on your e-mail address on the gift if you want, so
we can send you an invitation for the Christmas party where we will be
giving the gifts out)…..

     Take …. the gift (unwrapped), to the Christmas Palace, at 800 NE 13th Street, – Monday thru Saturday – 10 am until 9 pm, or Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm…. from now until December 22nd……

    Then …..we will be having the super fun party on December 22, from 1pm until 6 pm, in Middle River Terrace Park (1329 N. Dixie Highway),


…….where Santa will be giving out the presents to the kids,
munching holiday fare, singing Christmas Carols ….etc…etc….etc….

     Can we count on you?   …….

     (If you have questions, you can call Shannon Harmeling at 954-7900169, or e-mail me at


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  1. This outreach is going to be amazing. I am so very thankful for the people who want to be a a part of it. Unexpected people are showing up all over!!!!! Thank you!

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