Back to Business/ Crime in Ft. Laud……

     Happy New Year!


     But back to business!

     Burglaries ……..

    …..    The latest crime stats show that the Middle River Terrace neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale,  ( I live there) –  is a burglar haven, and getting worse ! The burglars are jumping in people’s windows, (sometimes armed) at an alarming rate.


     …..  a 150% increase in burglaries for the last five years….. and up until December 1st,  98 burglaries in a neighborhood that only has 450 homes! ( a 49% increase over last year)….


     The FLPD say they are perplexed…..working it….trying to figure it out   …. putting new resources to the problem ..

     And unfortunately, the leaders in the neighborhood responses to the problem,  has been very weak ..

         … The neighborhood secretary, Dick Eaton, says the rash of burglaries is to be expected in the current economy… says the stats should get better soon  …

        ….   Former President Laura Croscenco has ignored the burglary rate until recently, and is now pushing the City to build a juvenile jail, though that is not possible…

        And the current President, Domingo El Cid, wrote Mayor Seiler, asking him to change the laws in Tallahassee !


        I’ll keep you informed, but for now,  I’m getting a big mean dog!



18 Replies to “Back to Business/ Crime in Ft. Laud……”

  1. Tim, I am worried if you a former City Commissioner and the current Neighborhood Association cannot get the response you need from the City Elected Official’s someone’s needs to be replaced that area is a front door to downtown and needs to be stable this stuff is not impossible just takes resources I am frankly dis appointed with Your Commissioner Dean this should be handled like a crisis if they are coming into peoples homes armed like you stated this is like a war zone.

  2. Tim- I really feel bad for you and your neighbors in MRT. As you know, I lived there in the 90’s and joined in with all of your efforts to make the neighborhood go from a crime infested slum to a vibrant,inclusive,friendly place to be proud of to call home. I still have contact with old neighbors that inform me that the neighborhood took a turn for the worse when that Laura lady became president.The focus no longer was on quality of life issues, just the highway that runs through the neighborhood.My old neighbors no longer get involved, as the new regime splintered the core, and took pride in driving away the old timers that worked hard to make the neighborhood nice, so they want nothing to do with the new association. It is truly a shame what is happening there.I think it would be a good idea for the new leadership to ask for your guidance and expertise in solving the crime issue…………..

  3. The police department can give all kinds of information for protecting your home from invasion. It isn’t their fault. The areas with a majority of rentals are hit hard due to no alarm system alerting the alarm company which notifies the police department of a break in. Landlords are not willing to pay for a rental unit to be armed, and not every homeowner can afford an alarm or want a mean dog. Taking a look at resident burglaries on the FLPD online statistics looks as if they are on the increase in several different HOA areas. We just happen to live in high rental areas. A SMRCA resident.

  4. This is to be expected if you want to be a pioneer in a marginal neighborhood but there really is no excuse for it since you pay taxes. With our large city police force, all I ever see them doing is just sitting in their cars, parking head to toe and just talking to one another. When they are on the beach (not very often)they are just sitting on their horses under some shady tree and again just talking to one another. If they are suppose to be patrolling the beach, all they do is stand around in groups and yep, just stand around and talk to one another.
    And if that’s not bad enough, we have to pay them and then their spouses a pension until the day they die. Oh yea, and they are paid big salaries three to four times what the average service employee makes. Then you say you love this town.

  5. This is very troubling news Tim. I know this Comm. and they will say all for one, one for all. Meaning if one neighborhood is singled out, what do we do, we fight fire, with fire. In other words if these people are singled out your neighborhhod Tim, this means they know you are vulnerable.. We will fix this by having more patrol in your neck of the woods and if it means us being short staffed in other neighborhoods, I’m sure they will understand(right Grand Wizard). And I am very upset w/ my crew at the Sun-sentinel for not putting these figures in the newspaper. In there defense I am assuming your “stats” are correct Tim. THis is really not that hard to solve You have to be united . You Mrs. Corsenco & Tim need to put your differnces aside and come together to get through this.( by the way January 7 is four days away( the day my mother died). I feel such a sense of accomplishment that I got through this year. You see my parents other children stated to the Italians up North ,that I would be in prison by now(really- you got some nerve you all only exist to this day, is because of me)…..4 days people. How fitting Jan. 7 is a commission day. Maybe I’ll be like you Charlie King and go to both meetings. I have to work, but I’ll be there Tuesday night. “Start spreading the news”….

  6. Tim- I agree with Sam wholeheartedly. I am a longtime MRT resident- I raised my children here, back when not only were we neighbors, but friends that fought crime together, cleaned up, and landscaped the streets together,got together socially,had fund raisers that were very enjoyable, etc…
    I decided I wanted nothing to do with the current administration when I received a glossy newsletter with that lady’s farewell as president message that listed one of her accomplishments was forcing out the old board members- wonderful people that worked for many years to make MRT a better place. Also, in that issue, the newly elected members names were posted with no contact numbers, or email addresses- how in the hell is anyone supposed to get ahold of them if they are needed by the neighbors they supposedly represent???? It basically sends a message to me they want a title, but don’t necessarily want to do any work to earn it….

  7. Block Captains, Street Captains, know your neighborhood, awareness of what’s on your block, ask loiterers why they are there, tell them you don’t want them to get arrested so they need to leave, tell everyone walking or riding down your street no matter who they are (as if they were all homeowners, treat with respect, play dumb but tell them all) that there is a strong crime watch in your neighborhood, that you’ve had burglaries but that the whole neighborhood is up in arms and they need to watch out lest they get arrested as police are being called constantly, then do it. let everyone know it is dangerous for the criminal to be on the loose in your neighborhood, exchange phone numbers and use them to report to each other and to police, create an un-inviting environment for criminals by not paying attention and not letting them get away with it.

  8. Sam, Richard: as the British say, your comments are SPOT ON!!! Thanks for remembering those of us who were slapped in the face by “that lady Laura.”

  9. Lets try something novel, Chief Franklin Adderley could authorize a off-duty bodyguard / security detail utilizing the highly trained command staff & officers. All residents could “donate” $1000.00 per month [cash] to be divided among the troops, the administrators with experience could be the newly anointed [Lt] Steven Greenlaw the admitted perjurer & fraudster & borrower of money to buy a diamond ring [bribe ?]with no need to repay, the PIO DeAnna Garcia-Lemieux-Greenlaw-?-? receiver of said diamond. Give Frank a call to let him know when to set up the detail.

  10. This is the result of Hebert, he supported the liberal juvenile laws that led to the current problem. When we had crime down in the neighborhood, Hebert cut our budget and took community policing away from us. I miss those days, I worked with great cops like Donnell Bryant and Ed Jackson, both are retired like me. We need to bring back the reserve program and let us work the street like we did back in the old days. By the time we get done with those problem people, your neighborhood will be safe again.

  11. the juveniles laws are state laws

    the 5 discussed this at conf yesterday
    stop trying to come back as retired “reserves” soaking tax dollars for areas of the city that will not change – more officers are needed
    and its not just MRT with crime
    and stop blaming gretsas and company – they have BEEN GONE since 2010

    enjoy your retirement

  12. You have to be kidding, Hebert? How about we address the real issues on FLPD, corruption that began with the Bruce Roberts era and continues to this day, Frank Adderley is just taking up space till he retires to begin working on another do nothing position at the public trough. You have Rick Maglione that routinely covers up crimes and criminal activity committed by FLPD command staff and officers, by deleting internal affairs database. The FLPD officers and command staff are too busy working off-duty details, when the get to the FLPD job they are too tired to perform their duties. What was the first thing Roberts did when he was elected, get rid of the people that were making him do his job, Gretsas and Hebert. If you want police presence call Adderley and demand it, if he won’t provide it tell him to retire now.

  13. well well well
    The Florida Commission on Ethics said Wednesday that it had found probable cause to believe Broward Sheriff Scott Israel broke state ethics laws on two counts, by failing to report two gifts from a campaign donor.

    At issue were a yacht cruise and a post-election yacht party, both hosted by Orlando-based road builder Robert Pereira of Middlesex Corp., a campaign supporter of the sheriff’s.


    Ethics commission finds probable cause sheriff broke law •Sheriff Israel, Pereira testify in ethics case: the audio files and investigative report

    Scott J. Israel, Broward County Sheriff

    State ethics prosecutors said Israel should have reported both as gifts. Under state law, he’s required to report gifts valued over $100.

    The sheriff won’t be fined or punished, though. The ethics commission cited his “lack of experience in office” and “reliance on advice of counsel” in recommending that no further action be taken
    “Lack of experience in office” What? Is that a joke? Today there is lots of reporting on the Inspector General’s findings when it comes to “ethics” in Broward. His recommendations are “we throw our standards (which are so low a snake couldn’t crawl under them) out and start over”.
    I don’t even hold office and know what the threshold of “gift giving are” . So here we are Feb 2014 and it seems our county is just as “dirty and underhanded” as it was before we even wrote any ethics guidelines.

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