A Gaggle Of ?

      In the South Middle River neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, they have some challenges for sure ….

                  ………   but they also have some interesting things that the refined neighborhoods do not !!  ….


      They have lots of beautiful peacocks walking about  ….

               Some times (though not much), the peacocks take flight ……


       And when they do fly, this is usually where they end up  ……


       Today, I must have seen 50 of them in a couple of blocks   ….

                …… So there, fancy neighborhoods !   ……..

5 Replies to “A Gaggle Of ?”

  1. There once was a flock of them in the Rose Drive area off of Andrews Avenue near Davie Blvd. I don’t know if they are still there. That was the first area that I ever heard about “wild” peacocks. I think they have a flock in Riverside Park, and South Middle River too.

  2. Dennis is right, near Gilda’s Club, certainly a nice enough neighborhood. That is when I first saw them but that was a long time ago, before I even moved to South Middle River. They are a welcome addition in my book.

  3. A collection of peacocks is called either a “muster”(of peacocks), an “ostentation” (of peacocks), or a “pride” (of peacocks).

    But not a “gaggle.” That’s just for geese.

  4. We had a peahen, who we named Rio, living on our block in MRT for several months last year. We have not seen her in a while so I am very happy to hear that there are other peacocks around. I hope Rio is with them. Thanks,Tim, for the post.

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